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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a porn star friend? Seriously. Chances of that person becoming a fuck buddy of yours are quite high. Why? That’s what she does for a living. She likes to fuck, suck dick, and take it up at the ass. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that fantasy world. Most guys don’t have friends who are porn stars.

Sadly, too many guys get faked out by porn fuck buddy sites, most are usually better of trying some of those free fuck sites. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You might think that you have joined a fuck buddy dating site but in reality, the profiles are made from images of porn stars. Don’t fall for this trap. Keep the following tips in mind.

The porn pictures are dead giveaways

If you find yourself on a dating site where you see many profiles using porn stars’ pictures, run away. That’s right—turn the other direction and head for the hills. Chances of you getting ripped off are quite high. Those websites are obviously fake.

Look for obviously fake profiles

While porn star pictures are definitely red flags that a website is fake, there are many websites that are smart enough not to use porn star pictures. You have to read between the lines and use your head. You have to actually read the dating profiles. If you noticed that they have been taken out of a certain template, or they seem repetitive, that’s a red flag. If you pay attention to how the profiles are written, and they seem to be written by software or people with bad English skills, again, that’s a red flag. If you put all these red flags together and something doesn’t smell right, again, you need to turn around and head for the hills.

Don’t waste your time with these types of websites

While there are a lot of free fuck buddy websites on the Internet, most of them make their money by upselling you to porn sites, sex cam websites, or some other form of adult sites. While I don’t have a problem with those types of adult sites, such dating sites should be transparent. Unfortunately, they’re not. A lot of them try to pretend something that they’re not. If you don’t want to get ripped off, stay away from those sites by paying attention to the red flags above.

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